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Yeah, I suck at updating. Big deal.

Started back at dance classes this week. Yesterday's class was unpleasant in that my sciatic nerve twinged and left me in tears - very embarressing. Today's class was a bit better in that I knew my limitations and didn't push it. Both classes were awesome stuff because they were run by Dawn, who is all kinds of amazing.

Voted today. Yes to AV, and for the local Green candidate. Like you're interested.

Dad's wedding next weekend, which is going to be a bit weird.

Loving graze.com muchly at the moment, as they deliver tasty little food parcels to me for not much money. And if you're weird like me and like eating nuts, seeds and berries then you might just like graze. If you're really interested, I have a code for a free sample pack - holla.
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RIP Poly Styrene.

In other news (sorry it was too good a title to miss out on), things are going good here in Birmingham. The recent 4 day weekend was very enjoyable. I went to my first BBQ this year and got rained and thundered on. I went to the pub with friends and ate a crayfish and capers pizza, chosen purely because of the crazy name that jumped out at me. I proved myself to be the red card Queen of Fifa 11 on the PS3. And Luke and I went to Wales to see my folks. Little nephew Isaac is almost walking, he still needs a hand to stand up but he bloody goes for it when he's on his feet.

Now, back to work for two more days. Tonight I'm playing Dark Heresy with my nerds. Tomorrow I've got a WMD practice, where we're rehearsing Start Wearing Purple and looking at the choreo for Gothla. Then Thursday appears to be free. Yay. I've also had an email from my dance teacher asking me to teach her how to skate! Crazy times.


Apr. 15th, 2011 03:55 pm
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I finally stirred myself into reading about the Alternative Vote and all that, seeing as how we're supposed to be voting on it in a few weeks time. I wasn't really sure how I was going to vote at first, given I hadn't read anything about it before now, and all I'd seen were some emotive billboard ads advising that soldiers need guns and armour, not an alternative voting system. I'm still not entirely sold on the proposed new system, but having read the No website, I certainly won't be supporting that bunch of whinging twats. "ooh it's a politicians' fix". Of course it is, it's politics, everything in politics is fixed somehow. I don't believe that AV will make a damn lot of a difference in the long run, but if it pisses on the chips of the No campaign then I'm willing to vote for it.

I'm sure there should be more noble causes than this, but sadly, there's not.


Apr. 13th, 2011 01:37 pm
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So, I've got another cold, and I'm at home again. Coughing, headache, sore throat, pain in my ears - yup, it's a cold ok.

I wouldn't mind the time off if I was feeling well, I'd actually be able to get one with something. As it is, I've managed to shower, eat lunch and watch daytime tv, and this feels like an achievement.

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I went to hobbycraft today and spent too much money. But hey, what use is money except for buying nice things? (I had a cheque refunding me overpaid PPI come through, I figure I could afford to cut lose a little)

So I bought a hot glue gun and some refills, some little metal bits for decorating dance bras, some boot lace for which I have plans, and a mini sewing machine. I know Alix told me not to bother with the mini ones, but for the amount of sewing I actually do, it will serve it's purpose. Have had a little go of it and I think I know what I'm doing now.

Last night I went to see the Belly Dance Super Stars in Birmingham and it was fabulous. Amazing costumes, superb routines, and gorgeous dancers. I really couldn't have asked for more, except perhaps more of the tribal girls and less of the cabaret, but you can't please everyone.

Have also just had to deal with the twats at Barclaycard, who for some reason unknown to everyone had cancelled my regular payment set up in January. Twats.
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Tomorrow I have an appointment with my physioterrorist. I was given some butt muscle stretching exercises to do a couple of weeks back when I first saw her to stretch out some small muscle in my butt (on the left side) that is giving me trouble. I did these most days until Sunday, when I sprained my right ankle. The ankle was not supporting of my weight, and I figured it would be unwise to try and do the exercises.

Now tomorrow I will return to the physioterrorist. I bet the ankle will be back to normal, not even any bruising to show for the amount of pain it's given me. Gah.

At least I'll be able to get back to exercising, as I'm due to see the GP on Monday, and she's bound to tell me I'm too fat to live.
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Had quite the busy weekend.

Friday night I had an ETS dance class, which was good, got to clang my zills which is always therapeutic.

Saturday I went down to that London to meet up with Luke. We went to the Natural History Museum, which was exceedingly cool. I'd never been before, and was delighted to look at the dinosaurs, the stuffed mammals, the marine invertebrates, and so on. We then hightailed it over to Camden to get to the Underworld for the British Steel festival. I didn't want to see any of the bands, not my thing really, but Luke wanted to go and I didn't want him having all the fun on his own. I had more to drink than I'm accustomed to, and as such ended up with a stinking hangover on Sunday. We watched Agincourt (pants), Saracen (ok), Jaguar (pants), Elixir (ok) and then Pagan Altar came on so I had a sit down with a book, and Luke watched them and thoroughly enjoyed them. We then sauntered over to the Hobgoblin for the Subterranean Hellnoise night. Full of posers. Music was pretty good though.

Sunday we had breakfast with our gracious host, James "Fang" Begley from Stuka Squadron. The man can't half talk. Then we made a leisurely journey across London. A mere couple of hundred yards from Euston station, totally sober, I twisted my ankle and fell hard. Not sure how I managed that, must have been my inherant clumsiness coming through. I managed to get to my feet and hobble to Boots the chemist, and bought some cold packs, ibuprofen and tubigrip. My ankle is currently HUGE. But I digress. We eventually got back to our humble hovel in Birmingham around 5pm yesterday.

My brother arrived later in the evening, and we watched some motorsports until it was time for Wrestlemania. Which was not really the most electrifying event in sports entertainment, no matter how much I wanted it to be. The Rock was there, but he didn't spend enough time being The Rock. The majority of the matches were unmemorable. It probably didn't help that my ankle was hurting lots so I couldn't get comfortable, and that I was very tired and started falling asleep as soon as it started.

However, the highlight of the night for me was the build up to the match between the Game and the Undertaker. Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" hit, the lights went out, and the goosebumps raced up my arms. The Game came out looking like the Lich King (apparently it's his King of Kings garb, but I didn't know that) behind a load of Spartan looking fellas, then the Metallica stopped and the Motorhead started. To be fair to HHH, he looked like he meant business. Then the lights went out again, and the Undertaker came out to music I didn't recognise, but which worked better than his rubbish death march music that he's been using for the past ten thousand years. The match itself was horribly average. The 'Taker looked like a fish out of water spasming around on the mat, although he did make the Game tap out, which is not something I've seen happen very often. I hope they both retire now, they are past their prime, both of them.

All the other matches were pretty dull. Edge v Del Rio - considering how much this could have been fun, it was a pretty comprehensive squash. And was there really any need to trash the car, unless they are trying to do a half assed heel turn? Mysterio v Cody Rhodes - I spent a lot of time falling asleep during this one, Mysterio coming out dressed as Captain America did him no favours I feel. Punk v Orton - two heavily tattooed men in shorts. I forget how this went, but Punk should have won it. The 8 man tag match was poor. The team of Big Show, Kane, Santino and Kofi Kingston had four big characters on it, but hardly any of them got a chance to do anything. I was very pleased to see Heath Slater get a comprehensive ass kicking though. The mixed tag team match - wtf? Who the hell is Snooki anyway? Good to see Trish Stratus back in action, she's still got it. Totally forgettable match from Jerry "The King" Lawler and Michael Cole. I fell asleep during this. It's the only way I could cope, as it was on for too long. Then the headline match - John Cena v The Miz. Tedium. Pure tedium on a stick. Only The Rock laying the smack down on Cena and smashing the Raw General Manager could lift it out of the shit it was wallowing in.

We crawled to bed around 4am. I may sound critical of WWE pay per views, but they do still know how to put on a show. It's easier to remember the negatives. and there were some positives too. I just can't remember them right now.


Mar. 30th, 2011 08:07 pm
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so, what's up with live journal? I can't even get into it today.

in other news - cider is good, chicken pasta bake is good, life is pretty good although I'm dog tired after tramping around potteries and saddlers territory all day.


Mar. 11th, 2011 06:19 pm
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Mostly for the attention of Lorna and Bethan...
I have a pair of R3 quad skates that need a new home, size 7, come complete with outdoor wheels as well as indoor wheels.

Let me know if this interests you.
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So, I've been listening to a lot of very different-for-me stuff lately. I'm trying to find something new that WMD can dance to. We've got a whole host of haflas (hafla, hafli?) coming up, and Gothla as well, which is the most important one to me. Unfortunately our choreographer, Alix, will not be able to attend Gothla due to family arrangements, which is frustrating as hell for all of us, and just won't be the same without her. So, looks like the Gothla dance will be a duet between me and Ruth. That means different music, different routine, to everything else we might be planning, because I don't want to take a trio choreo and fiddle with it until it becomes a duo.

Today's playlist, whilst I'm waiting for a potential wedding reception venue to call me back, is going to consist heavily of Dead Can Dance. I know nothing about them, other than they seem to play "world music". Nebulous category that. I'm listening to Aion at the moment, waiting for inspiration to hit.

Also, at the last hafla, Dawn suggested to me quite strongly that I should do a solo dance, so I'm playing around with that in my head too.
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I'm ill, sick, feeling pukey, got the shivers, feel like someone's sticking pins in my voodoo doll. I've come home from work early, and now I'm off to bed as I have a performance to give tomorrow.
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Last night was the last Reanimator gig night that Luke will be running. With a rock solid line up of Triaxis, Stuka Squadron, Dark Forest and Conquest of Steel, it represented everything that is good and healthy about the UK underground metal scene at the moment.

Triaxis were an unknown quantity to me, but they totally rocked. They are from Port Talbot, South Wales, which is close to where I hail from. Normally I'm not a fan of female fronted metal bands, but I totally changed my mind about that watching them. They even have a song called Sker Rock, about a rocky promontory that can be seen from Ogmore by sea beach, an old stomping ground of mine. Nostalgia!

Stuka Squadron are a firm favourite of mine, and the UK's premier vampire WWII flying aces band. With songs such as Stuka Squadron, We Drink Blood, Volga Bridge, Tales of the Ost, and Zabulon's Inferno, you just know they aren't going to be run of the mill.

Dark Forest have a different singer from when I first saw them, and although I don't like his vocal style, people whose opinion I respect say that he is much better than the previous guy. With this in mind, they put on a blistering show.

And then the headliners, Conquest of Steel. CoS have been around for about 13 years. I knew them when I was at university, and it was just a joke, but now they are touring, going places, and writing more serious songs. It was great to hear Steel is the Law, from the old days, although even a concerted chant by the crowd couldn't convince them to play Fisting (In The Name of Metal).

It was a fantastic night, a great turnout and a chance to catch up with people I haven't seen in ages.
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Next week I will be doing something I've never done before. I'll be modelling for an art class. Just sitting in the middle of a school hall whilst some random strangers sketch me. Fully clothed. Wearing whatever I like. And they'll give me a little bit of money for it too. Sweet.
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Gareth Thomas, Welsh rugby player and well known hard man, came out as gay last year. Great stuff, good for him, must have been very tough etc. Very proud of him for being able to do so, and that it has encouraged other gay sporting folks to confide in him about their sexuality and their concerns. Great. I am genuinely pleased about this, especially if it doesn't affect his performance on the pitch.

Being gay is still taboo in society, no matter what people may say. And a bloke who looks like Gareth Thomas, who is most definitely not pretty or effeminate, not your "typical" tv poof, is not what Joe Public immediately thinks of when one thinks of gay. Readers of this journal are better educated than Joe Public, and know that gay is as varied as humanity, and comes in whatever package it comes in (ooer).

But to make a film about it? With Mickey Rourke? Seems a bit weird to me. If he can ensure that the whole thing is dealt with in a decent way, that doesn't belittle or demean what he has achieved, then that will be a positive step. I just don't really see the point though.
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The one positive side of being off work ill is the chance I've had to get stuck into some books. Ever since becoming seriously depressed last year and starting on the don't be mad pills, my concentration span for written material has faded to something akin to that of a goldfish. However, as I mentioned yesterday I read Company of Liars cover to cover, and this morning I read a few Conan the Barbarian short stories (Robert E Howard originals, naturally).

Company of Liars, Karen Maitland.
It's a strange book. The plague, which is the backdrop to the whole plot, doesn't feature as heavily as I thought it would, although it is still there in the background as a menace, forcing the protagonists onwards. All the characters in the travelling party are dysfunctional, of course. There's cross dressing, incest, homosexuality, blasphemy, Jews, magic, murder and death. I wouldn't have said the twists were especially unexpected, but maybe that was the plan, as I was able to see where the story was going with particular characters some pages before it was made explicit by the writer. By the end I found myself frustrated with the remaining party members' refusal to see what was happening, and was a little disappointed with the very ending. That said, it was a very good book that kept me gripped from beginning to end.
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So, I didn't go into work yesterday, and I haven't gone in today. On the coach down to Heathrow over two weeks ago I started developing a sore throat. Over the course of the holiday in Istanbul it turned into a full blown cold with runny nose and hacking cough. Today, 16 days after I first noticed the sore throat, I still have the cough. I couldn't face travelling to Stoke on Trent yesterday in the car with this cough, especially as I was coughing so hard my back kept twinging, so I took the day off to sit in bed and be looked after by pusscats. I read a book - Company of Liars by Karen Maitland - and finished my patchwork crochet blanket (picture to go up on ravelry soon).

Today the alarm went off, and I thought "no way man". So I'm still at home, sitting on the sofa, listening to Heidevolk, crocheting a hat for my new nephie, and wondering if I could make any money out of this crocheting malarky. I need something to fund my way through the masters next year!
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Nothing to see here, just testing whether I've got the crosspost doodah working properly.
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This is the important obligatory first post on a new blog. I don't really know what to say on here, probably nothing as no one will be reading it anyway. :) Everyone seems to be using facebook these days anyway.
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