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Yeah, I suck at updating. Big deal.

Started back at dance classes this week. Yesterday's class was unpleasant in that my sciatic nerve twinged and left me in tears - very embarressing. Today's class was a bit better in that I knew my limitations and didn't push it. Both classes were awesome stuff because they were run by Dawn, who is all kinds of amazing.

Voted today. Yes to AV, and for the local Green candidate. Like you're interested.

Dad's wedding next weekend, which is going to be a bit weird.

Loving graze.com muchly at the moment, as they deliver tasty little food parcels to me for not much money. And if you're weird like me and like eating nuts, seeds and berries then you might just like graze. If you're really interested, I have a code for a free sample pack - holla.
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RIP Poly Styrene.

In other news (sorry it was too good a title to miss out on), things are going good here in Birmingham. The recent 4 day weekend was very enjoyable. I went to my first BBQ this year and got rained and thundered on. I went to the pub with friends and ate a crayfish and capers pizza, chosen purely because of the crazy name that jumped out at me. I proved myself to be the red card Queen of Fifa 11 on the PS3. And Luke and I went to Wales to see my folks. Little nephew Isaac is almost walking, he still needs a hand to stand up but he bloody goes for it when he's on his feet.

Now, back to work for two more days. Tonight I'm playing Dark Heresy with my nerds. Tomorrow I've got a WMD practice, where we're rehearsing Start Wearing Purple and looking at the choreo for Gothla. Then Thursday appears to be free. Yay. I've also had an email from my dance teacher asking me to teach her how to skate! Crazy times.
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I went to hobbycraft today and spent too much money. But hey, what use is money except for buying nice things? (I had a cheque refunding me overpaid PPI come through, I figure I could afford to cut lose a little)

So I bought a hot glue gun and some refills, some little metal bits for decorating dance bras, some boot lace for which I have plans, and a mini sewing machine. I know Alix told me not to bother with the mini ones, but for the amount of sewing I actually do, it will serve it's purpose. Have had a little go of it and I think I know what I'm doing now.

Last night I went to see the Belly Dance Super Stars in Birmingham and it was fabulous. Amazing costumes, superb routines, and gorgeous dancers. I really couldn't have asked for more, except perhaps more of the tribal girls and less of the cabaret, but you can't please everyone.

Have also just had to deal with the twats at Barclaycard, who for some reason unknown to everyone had cancelled my regular payment set up in January. Twats.
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So, I've been listening to a lot of very different-for-me stuff lately. I'm trying to find something new that WMD can dance to. We've got a whole host of haflas (hafla, hafli?) coming up, and Gothla as well, which is the most important one to me. Unfortunately our choreographer, Alix, will not be able to attend Gothla due to family arrangements, which is frustrating as hell for all of us, and just won't be the same without her. So, looks like the Gothla dance will be a duet between me and Ruth. That means different music, different routine, to everything else we might be planning, because I don't want to take a trio choreo and fiddle with it until it becomes a duo.

Today's playlist, whilst I'm waiting for a potential wedding reception venue to call me back, is going to consist heavily of Dead Can Dance. I know nothing about them, other than they seem to play "world music". Nebulous category that. I'm listening to Aion at the moment, waiting for inspiration to hit.

Also, at the last hafla, Dawn suggested to me quite strongly that I should do a solo dance, so I'm playing around with that in my head too.


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