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Last night was the last Reanimator gig night that Luke will be running. With a rock solid line up of Triaxis, Stuka Squadron, Dark Forest and Conquest of Steel, it represented everything that is good and healthy about the UK underground metal scene at the moment.

Triaxis were an unknown quantity to me, but they totally rocked. They are from Port Talbot, South Wales, which is close to where I hail from. Normally I'm not a fan of female fronted metal bands, but I totally changed my mind about that watching them. They even have a song called Sker Rock, about a rocky promontory that can be seen from Ogmore by sea beach, an old stomping ground of mine. Nostalgia!

Stuka Squadron are a firm favourite of mine, and the UK's premier vampire WWII flying aces band. With songs such as Stuka Squadron, We Drink Blood, Volga Bridge, Tales of the Ost, and Zabulon's Inferno, you just know they aren't going to be run of the mill.

Dark Forest have a different singer from when I first saw them, and although I don't like his vocal style, people whose opinion I respect say that he is much better than the previous guy. With this in mind, they put on a blistering show.

And then the headliners, Conquest of Steel. CoS have been around for about 13 years. I knew them when I was at university, and it was just a joke, but now they are touring, going places, and writing more serious songs. It was great to hear Steel is the Law, from the old days, although even a concerted chant by the crowd couldn't convince them to play Fisting (In The Name of Metal).

It was a fantastic night, a great turnout and a chance to catch up with people I haven't seen in ages.


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